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Was your family member unexpectedly killed in an accident in Bedford, TX? You probably have a million questions right now. An experienced Bedford wrongful death lawyer at Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers can help you understand your right to pursue compensation from the at-fault party. You may be entitled to money for medical bills, loss of financial support, and more.

Our lawyers have over 30 years of experience representing accident victims and grieving families. We have the resources and skills to help you seek justice.

The loss of a loved one can impact your life in unexpected ways. Contact our law offices in Bedford, Texas by calling (817)-503-9200 to schedule a free consultation to learn how a lawyer can help.

How Can Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers Help If My Loved One Was Killed in an Accident in Bedford, TX?

How Can Parker Law Firm Help If My Loved One Was Killed in an Accident in Bedford, TX?

You’ve already suffered an unimaginable loss. Now, you may notice the bills are starting to pile up. If someone else caused your loved one’s death, you deserve to hold them accountable.

An experienced Bedford personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the legal system. At Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers, we’re dedicated to helping families like yours recover full compensation for their losses.

Hiring a wrongful death lawyer from our law group means you’ll have someone to:

  • Launch an investigation to find out what happened
  • Evaluate evidence as we build your case
  • Calculate your case value and document your losses
  • Retain experts who can offer insight into various aspects of your case
  • Protect your family if your loved one is blamed for their own death
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies and lawyers

Our Bedford personal injury attorneys can offer you support and legal guidance every step of the way. To learn more, call our local wrongful death lawyers or use our online contact form today.

How Common Are Fatal Accidents in Texas?

There are thousands of fatal accidents across the state of Texas each year. According to statistics, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death in Texas. 4,489 people died in car crashes across the state in 2021. One person was killed every hour and 57 minutes that year.

824 pedestrians and 90 bicyclists were killed in traffic accidents in 2021. Another 533 people were killed in workplace accidents that year. 

Many of these fatalities could have been avoided. If you can prove that someone else was responsible for your loved one’s death, that person may owe you compensation. Our lawyers are here to help. Contact Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers today to learn more about your legal options.

Overview of Texas Wrongful Death Laws

Overview of Texas Wrongful Death Laws

Wrongful death laws protect survivors of fatal accidents and injuries. Injured parties have the right to seek compensation from the person responsible for their injuries under Texas personal injury laws. Wrongful death laws transfer that right to survivors if the victim’s injuries were fatal.

In other words, if your loved one died due to someone else’s wrongful, careless, or reckless acts, you may have a valid wrongful death claim. You may also have a valid case if your loved one died because of someone’s intentional criminal act.

Wrongful death cases, however, are not criminal defense matters. Regardless of whether the person responsible is charged with a crime, they may owe you compensation. Wrongful death matters are decided in civil court and are completely separate from the criminal process.

Who Can File an Action for Wrongful Death in Texas?

Under Texas law, the following parties can file a wrongful death lawsuit:

  • A surviving spouse
  • Children of the deceased person (including adopted children)
  • The decedent’s parents 

If none of these family members exist, the right to sue doesn’t disappear. Instead, the victim’s personal representative who handles the estate will gain the right to pursue compensation. All damages that are awarded are distributed to the decedent’s next of kin or via state intestate laws.

What is My Bedford Wrongful Death Case Worth?

The value of a wrongful death case depends on many different things, including:

  • The circumstances of your loved one’s death
  • Your loved one’s age, life expectancy, and earning potential
  • The identity and age of surviving dependents
  • The costs you incurred prior to death
  • The pain and suffering your loved one endured
  • Your family’s grief and suffering

Money can’t bring your loved one back or change what happened. It will go a long way toward protecting your family’s stability and future. Our lawyers will fight for every dollar you deserve. Just give us a call to get started today.

What Types of Damages Are Available to Survivors of Fatal Accidents?

What Types of Damages Are Available to Survivors of Fatal Accidents?

The sudden death of a family member will impact your life in many different ways. Unfortunately, many families struggle with significant financial problems after the loss of a loved one. In a wrongful death case, damages are awarded to offset these financial losses.

Examples of the economic damages that may be available to survivors include:

  • Medical expenses incurred from the date of injury to the date of death
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of financial support
  • Lost employment benefits, including retirement benefits and health insurance
  • Loss of the value of household services
  • Property damage
  • Funeral expenses and burial costs

The death of a loved one will also impact your family’s emotional well-being and future.

Examples of these non-economic losses include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of parental support and guidance 

You can count on our lawyers in Bedford to pursue the full compensation your family deserves. We’re passionate about holding negligent parties fully responsible for their actions. For more information about how we can help with your case, call for a free case review.

Can I Recover Damages If My Loved One is Being Blamed for a Fatal Accident in Texas?

Can I Recover Damages If My Loved One is Being Blamed for a Fatal Accident in Texas?

“Blame the victim” is an old insurance tactic. Insurance companies are known for blaming victims even for their own death. Under Texas law, it is possible that you could lose your right to compensation if the insurance company can prove your loved one was mostly responsible for their own death.

Texas has modified comparative negligence laws. Once a victim’s share of fault reaches 51%, the victim loses their right to damages. As a surviving family member, you can also lose your right to damages if your loved one was at least 51% responsible for their own injuries.

If your loved one was 50% or less liable, you can take home part of your settlement or verdict. Your compensation is reduced by the amount of fault allocated to the victim.

What Causes Most Deadly Accidents in Bedford, Texas?

What Causes Most Deadly Accidents in Bedford, Texas?

Our lawyers have worked on dozens of injury cases over the years. That means we have the tools to handle virtually any type of personal injury case. 

Examples of the types of accidents that can result in wrongful death include:

Our Bedford wrongful death attorneys never charge a flat fee. Instead, we work on a contingency fee basis so that you only pay attorneys’ fees if we recover compensation in your case.

How Do I Prove Negligence If I Lost a Family Member in an Accident in Texas?

How Do I Prove Negligence If I Lost a Family Member in an Accident in Texas?

Fatalities often occur because people are negligent. Negligence is a legal term. It means that someone failed to exercise reasonable caution under the circumstances, and someone else was harmed because of it.

The four elements of negligence are:

  • A legal duty of care existed
  • A breach of duty occurred
  • The breach caused some type of accident or injury
  • A victim suffered damages

Proving negligence can be complicated. Insurance companies will want to see evidence before they hand over a settlement check. Our lawyers have the resources to investigate and gather that evidence.

Depending on the circumstances, we may locate and evaluate:

  • Police and accident reports
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Video surveillance footage
  • Inspection or maintenance records
  • Photos of an accident scene
  • Testimony from expert witnesses
  • Vehicle recording equipment
  • Evidence about hiring policies or practices

Every case is unique. You can count on us to leave no stone unturned as we search for evidence to support your case.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After Losing a Loved One in a Fatal Accident in the State of Texas?

In Texas, survivors have two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The two-year statute of limitations begins to run on the date of death. Once the two-year anniversary of your loved one’s death passes, you can no longer sue for damages.

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We know that you’re overwhelmed with grief right now. Still, you only have a limited amount of time to seek justice. To learn more about how a Bedford wrongful death lawyer can protect your family, call Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers for a free consultation today.

Wrongful Death Accident Lawyer Review

Lawsuit was filed on behalf of my brother who passed away while the lawsuit was pending. The transition to the estate was seamless. I even lost the settlement check and they graciously replaced it in a very timely manner. During the entire process whenever I contacted the firm I received an immediate response. I would highly recommend this firm because of their integrity.
Brenda Isham

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