As an expert and highly respected attorney in your field of law, clients look to you for the best counsel possible about their specific legal needs. So for those important personal injury issues that may lie outside of your expertise, place your valued clients in the capable hands at Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers.

We specifically and narrowly focus on serious personal injury cases, trucking and auto crashes, and wrongful death. Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers will provide the compassionate care and personal attention they deserve.

When you refer your clients to Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers:

  • You can rest assured an experienced, committed personal injury and wrongful death attorney will provide top-quality service.
  • We will keep you fully informed of the case’s progress.
  • We will honor ALL referral agreements.

Trust us to treat your personal injury referral with the same care and tenacity as you would!

Our Unique Benefits

When you send your client to the Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers, you are giving them access to the unique benefits we offer in our Bedford office, including:

  • Our fee will never exceed what the client receives from the recovery. Like you, we work on a contingency fee basis, but we also guarantee that our fees will never be more than what the client is offered in settlement.
  • We fight tirelessly to reduce the amounts that must be paid back to health insurance companies and medical providers. Even after we have secured an acceptable settlement, we continue to fight for our clients to reduce the amount they will have to pay back to their medical providers and health insurer.
  • We only take selected cases that we believe in. When you refer a client to us, we take the time to fully review their case, and we only take cases if we believe we can help. We are upfront and honest with every client — and every referring attorney — about the likelihood of success.
  • If a client retains our services and has any regrets or reservations within the first 30 days, they can walk away free and clear. We want our clients to be happy with their decision to work with us, and we allow them to leave with no strings attached if they are not happy.

Our Bedford Office Is Here for You

If you have a car or truck personal injury or wrongful death case that is outside your area of expertise or exceeds your available manpower, trust Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers to show the client the utmost respect as we carefully consider the case.

If we feel we can be of service, we will gladly take the case and fight for the client. Learn more about our practice areas, and call us if you have any questions.