Behind every successful attorney is a highly competent records clerk. Carolyn Munn has an extensive background in the financial field. After working as a senior implementation coordinator at Fidelity Investments and other mid- to large-market 401(k) departments for nearly two decades, Carolyn retired less than a year ago.

After settling into her early days of retirement, she began feeling antsy.

Her daughter, Angela, who has worked for Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers for several years, suggested that Carolyn come on board a few days a week to help collect records. “I jumped at the chance,” Carolyn says. “I thoroughly enjoy organizing the beginning steps for the legal assistants and lawyers to begin working on a case for our clients. If it involves an Excel spreadsheet; I’m ready, willing and able. I love looking for new and efficient ways to gather the information and records that are needed to work the cases that come to us.”

While her interaction with clients is limited, Carolyn says that she always wants to make them feel welcome and that they are the No. 1 priority. “When I answer the telephone; I always want to make sure that I answer with a smile in my voice.

I think that it makes the clients feel comfortable and at ease and that you are glad to be there to assist them at the time they really need someone,” she says.

Carolyn has joked for years that the reason she works is to support her travel habit. “Not only do I love visiting new places, but I love to scrapbook my travels so I can relive all of the wonderful trips that I’ve been privileged to take.” Infatuated with lighthouses, many of Carolyn’s U.S. adventures take her to New England and the Pacific Northwest.

Outside of the office and in addition to travelling, Carolyn enjoys spending time with her family and supporting her favorite cause, KSDS Assistance Dogs, Inc., which trains Labrador retrievers to be helpers to special needs persons.

Oh…and Carolyn also plays a mean accordion.

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