Legal Assistant Patricia Ford is an expert at unpacking moving boxes after 25 years experience as a military brat. It undoubtedly explains her affinity for making new acquaintances, effortlessly adjusting to change and keeping on her toes.

Patricia’s passion for the law is only rivaled by her fervor for dance. She regularly travels to Chicago with six of her close cohorts, as well as other areas of the country to attend dance competitions. For Patricia dance acts as a source of relief.

One thing is for sure; Patricia has quite a bit of experience with serious cases. Patricia recalls one example from her long list of trial work where a surgeon removed the wrong lung, leaving the man with the cancer-ridden one.

Because the surgeons failed to tell him about the mistake, there was sadly nothing that could be done for the man. Patricia takes comfort in knowing that through her work she can help the families of those injured or killed by the negligence or reckless behavior of others.

While many of her cases in the courtroom can involve tragic circumstances, Patricia remains upbeat especially when she thinks of her family. “I have two daughters in their 20s. They are smart, funny, happy, sweet, considerate human beings, and I am very humbled that I’ve had anything to do with them turning out as well as they have,” Patricia proudly says.

She continues to draw on the peaks and valleys of her own life as her guide through the turbulent and vital work she contributes in personal injury law. It is clear why she is a key component within the Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers, has such a genuine connection to her clients and why she experiences this level of success in the courtroom and at home.

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