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Being assaulted in Bedford, TX, can not only cause physical pain but also deep emotional trauma. If you’re in such a situation and have found yourself trying to navigate your legal options, you don’t need to continue this fight alone. 

Take immediate control over your future today by contacting our Bedford assault injury lawyer and seeking justice. 

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How Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers Can Help If I’m Assaulted in Bedford, Texas

How Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers Can Help If I’m Assaulted in Bedford, Texas

The fallout from being physically assaulted in Bedford, TX, is not only stressful but also intricate when it comes to understanding your rights and seeking justice. Fortunately, help is available. 

Here’s how our Bedford personal injury lawyers can assist you: 

  • Determine grounds for a civil lawsuit: Our skilled attorneys will assess whether the circumstances of your assault warrant filing a civil lawsuit. We will review the case and evidence and assemble a timeline and overview of what happened. 
  • Identify liable parties: We will help in identifying any parties that may be liable for your injuries. This often includes the person who assaulted you, but it can be more complex. Sometimes, other parties are also liable for your injuries and damages. 
  • Negotiate with defendants or their insurance: Our attorneys will directly handle negotiations with insurance companies or defense attorneys on your behalf to secure fair compensation. 
  • Work with law enforcement: To compile the strongest case possible, we’ll work with law enforcement to ensure we can access evidence to help prove your claim. 

Ultimately, we want to do everything possible to help you heal from your assault injuries in Bedford, Texas. We use all our resources to achieve successful outcomes. If you need help, contact Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers to schedule a free consultation with a Bedford assault injury attorney.

Overview of Assault in Texas 

In Texas, the crime of assault is somewhat broad. 

Assault includes the following actions: 

  • Intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing someone bodily injury
  • Intentionally or knowingly threatening another person with imminent physical harm
  • Intentionally or knowingly using offensive or provocative physical contact against another individual. 

If you’ve experienced an assault and aren’t sure what to do next, contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. 

Do I Have a Civil Assault Injury Case?

If you have experienced some form of harmful or offensive contact or threat of one, you likely experienced an assault. Showing that an assault occurred can be done by showing that the perpetrator engaged in one of the behaviors listed above. If this occurs, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to determine if you can file a civil lawsuit. 

What is My Assault Injury Case Worth?

The value of an assault injury case varies and largely depends on several factors related to your individual situation. One significant factor is the severity and nature of your injuries. The more severe an injury, the costlier it can be in medical expenses and other care needed afterward, which increases the value of your claim.

An important aspect that may affect your claim value is the degree of outrageous or egregious conduct displayed by the defendant. If their actions were particularly violent or abusive, this could potentially result in punitive damages intended to punish such behavior.

The stronger and clearer your evidence demonstrating that an assault occurred and it led to your injuries, the more likely a judge or jury will be persuaded to rule in your favor. This can increase the likelihood that your case results in a fair compensation amount.

Seeking immediate medical attention and complying with doctor’s orders could award you a larger compensation. Doing so strengthens the link between the altercation and your injuries, making it harder to argue that they were due to other causes. Also, adhering strictly to a treatment plan displays a seriousness about recovery, providing more evidence that you suffered harm from the assault.

It’s essential to consult with a personal injury lawyer who can evaluate these complexities and help you understand what to expect. 

What Kinds of Damages Are Available to Assault Injury Victims?

​​An assault injury can leave you facing both physical and emotional trauma, as well as significant financial strain. If a court determines that you were the victim of assault, they will usually attempt to restore or compensate for what was lost through damages. There are three primary categories of damages:  

Economic Damages

Economic damages cover any quantifiable out-of-pocket expenses related to your incident, including medical bills accrued due to hospitalization, surgeries, or rehabilitation.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are the intangible losses you’ve faced, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, or a decrease in life quality due to the assault. These damages are more complicated to calculate because they don’t have a tangible cost. However, they can still be significant.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages could potentially be awarded if it’s found that the assaulting party exhibited particularly malicious or egregious behavior throughout the event leading to the assault. These damages are not meant to compensate for any specific losses you’ve suffered but instead serve to punish a defendant and act as a deterrent for similar actions in the future. 

Determining what type of compensation is available can be complex and is always best done with an attorney. 

We’ll Fight to Recover Compensation for All ff Your Assault Injuries 

Assaults, in their varying degrees of violence and cruelty, often give rise to a broad variety of injuries. 

Many victims might find themselves dealing with: 

Although some attacks may appear less serious than others initially, it’s important never to downplay your injuries, as these physical traumas can lead to profound long-term consequences for your health and overall well-being.

Who Else Might Be Responsible For My Injuries?

While it’s natural to link the person who committed the assault as primarily responsible for your injuries, there are scenarios in which others might bear legal responsibility, too. 

In an inadequate security claim, owners or managers of properties have an obligation to take reasonable measures that ensure the safety of those on their grounds. If this doesn’t occur and you were assaulted as a result, they can be responsible. 

If you were assaulted outside a nightclub known for frequent fights and it still has no security presence. The lack of bouncers could indicate negligence on the part of the owner or management and potentially make them liable, too. 

How Long Do I Have To File a Civil Assault Injury Lawsuit in Bedford, Texas?

Typically, in Bedford, Texas, a civil assault injury lawsuit has to be filed within two years from the date of the incident. If it isn’t filed within this timeframe, you will lose your right to pursue compensation for this incident.

However, this isn’t always an exact timeframe, as there can be exceptions that make this timeline shorter or longer. 

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