Testimonial Video

Pool time is fun time in Texas during the summer and summer holidays, especially when all the kids can be around and enjoy it. But what if someone gets hurt? What are your legal rights? What are your legal obligations?

Most kids love being in the water more than anything, but what is the homeowner’s responsibility if someone should get hurt? The short answer is the homeowner IS responsible and the best way to be sure no one gets hurt is to be actively watching the kids. You can never pay enough attention and should never ever, ever leave kids unattended in a pool without supervision.

There’s always a chance that accidents can happen and that’s why you also want to be sure you have homeowner’s insurance because they will take care of responding with appropriate money damages for anybody that may have been hurt. Likewise, if your child is hurt as a result of someone’s negligence at their pool, then there may be an avenue to recover to get your child compensated adequately for the injuries they’ve suffered.

At the end of the day, pools can be so much fun but they can also be so very dangerous. Be sure to be careful out there. Summertime is a fun time but it needs to be a safe time, too.