Testimonial Video

Oftentimes people ask us: “Why am I having to use my health insurance to pay for my medical bills when it was the other person’s fault for the wreck?”

It is true that you should use your health insurance for all doctors’ appointments and medical treatment after you’ve been in a car crash or other personal injury incident. The reason is because the other person’s insurance company is only going to pay you once and that’s after all the medical bills are in, after they know how well you’ve recovered or what the extent of your injuries are. This typically happens at the end of your treatment — they’re not going to pay as you go, so that’s why you must use your health insurance along the way. Your health insurance is going to want to be reimbursed at the end of the treatment but if you have an attorney assisting with your claim, this should be something that they help negotiate at the end of your case.

If you have any questions on using your health insurance after a car crash, give our office a call for a free consultation.