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Many people believe that just because they fall at a commercial business, restaurant or grocery store, that business is responsible for their medical bills. That’s not necessarily the case. Just because you fall somewhere doesn’t mean that the landowner is responsible automatically. You have to prove that what caused you to fall was a premises defect—something that the owner knew or should have known caused a dangerous condition and that they failed to warn you about that dangerous condition, and thus, that’s how and why you fell. If you can’t prove that, then you will not be successful in any type of slip-and-fall claim.

At Parker Law Firm, we will review your claim carefully to ensure we can prove there was a premise defect and the business owner was negligent. It is very important that you, or someone with you, take photos of the scene. If you are unable to get photos on the day of your fall due to being injured, we highly recommend getting photos as soon as possible after the accident. Having photos of the environmental conditions in which you fell will help us prove negligence.

In addition to photos, there are other things that can help in a premise liability case. If you think you have a premise liability case, we would be honored to speak with you further and see how we can help you seek justice.