Testimonial Video

Were you injured in a car crash and are you wondering how important it is to continue your medical care after the crash?

So, you’ve been involved in a car crash and you’re injured but not sure if you really need to go to the doctor and continue with your care. The simple answer is absolutely yes—go to the doctor! If you’re hurt, you need to be treated. The insurance companies look at it this way: If you’re not hurt bad enough to go to the doctor, then you’re not hurt bad enough to make a claim.

If you are hurt, it’s imperative that you get the right treatment and that you follow through on the treatment that’s prescribed to you. Whether that’s physical therapy, occupational therapy, follow-up doctor’s visits, injections, etc. It’s absolutely imperative that you do that. I know it can be a drain on your time, and you often think that you don’t need to do it, but if you have a serious injury, you absolutely want to get it cared for.