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Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident in Texas and you’re just not sure what to do, where to go, who to turn to or what your rights are?

Hi, I’m Brad Parker, the attorney you want but hope you never need and this is another edition of Bar Talk. Give me 90 seconds and I’ll give you some free information.

So, you or a loved have been involved in an accident in Texas and you want to know what are my rights? Who should I talk to? What should I do next? Who can I trust to talk to? What kind of lawyer should I hire and how do I know if he/she is the right person or not?

All of those questions and more can be answered in one of the number of different books that I’ve published and created a website in which you can find them for free. Just go to www.texaslawbooks.com. There you will find all types of books, pamphlets and other types of information about what your legal rights are, how best to decide what kind of attorney you may or may not need. I even have a book on there that talks about how you might be able to settle the case yourself without never having to hire an attorney – that is if the case isn’t too serious.

But the bottom line is this: you can get a lot of free information, find out what your legal rights are and find out the criteria and things that you should be looking for when you decide to hire an attorney. I hope that you’ll go to www.texaslawbooks.com and download some of the free information. If you want a hard copy, just send us a note or leave an address and we’ll send you a hard copy of the book.

In any event, we believe that knowledge is power. And If you have the power, then you can conquer the insurance company and you can conquer anything you’ve got.

I hope this has been helpful to you. I’m Brad Parker, the attorney you want but hope you never need, and this has been another edition of Bar Talk. Until next time.

For more information about the legal process and your rights download our free book.

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