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Attorney Brad Parker says outcomes vary widely depending on the facts of the case. Notwithstanding the Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers has routinely sued uninsured or underinsured people with the desire of being able to force them to confirm in writing and under oath that they have no assets. In some of these instances the fear of the lawsuit compels the negligent party to come up with some money in an effort to avoid the lawsuit impossible judgement on the record.

On the other hand, there are way too many occasions that we have to explain to our client that because the person who hit them quite frankly does not have any assets, that seeking a judgment would be futile. There is nothing an attorney can do for them other than obtain the available policy limits and UIM policy limits if applicable and go from there.

However, in those circumstances where there is no or very little insurance the attorneys at Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers work very hard in negotiating with the medical providers who claim that they are owed money to significantly reduce if not waive their medical expenses resulting in the very best outcome for our clients that is possible given the circumstances. Contact attorney Brad Parker in Bedford Texas for a complimentary strategy session at (817)-503-9200 or visit his website.

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