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Brad Parker explains, according to the US Department of Transportation weather-related traffic accidents accounted for 1,311,970 traffic accidents and 6,253 deaths from 2002 to 2012.  Of those fatalities,  1,152 were caused by ice-covered or slushy roads. With winter fast approaching and temperatures dropping the Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers has guidelines to help you safely operate your vehicle in sub-freezing conditions.

7 Guidelines

  1. Drive more slowly and allow three times more space between you and the vehicle ahead of you the added distance will give you more time to stop without rear-ending the car in front of you
  2. When you have to stop your vehicle brake gently to avoid skidding you should never break abruptly.
  3. Before you leave your house to make sure that your windshield is clean your windshield wipers are in working order and that your headlights are on
  4. Before hitting the road warm up your car and make sure that the windshield has been scraped clean of all ice
  5. Avoid using cruise control and operate your car and the lower gears
  6. Use extreme caution when driving over an icy bridge or overpass even if the temperature is above freezing bridges can retain ice much longer than grounded roads
  7. Do not pass snow plows or sanding trucks. First, the road in front of the sanding truck is more likely worse than it is behind it. Secondly,  these trucks have poor visibility and passing any vehicle in icy conditions is extremely dangerous.

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