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Attorney Brad Parker says the biggest misconception is that it isn’t easy to figure out who hit you unless you have witnesses or unless someone comes forward. The chances of finding out who actually hits you is pretty slim that is all the more reason to get an attorney involved immediately if there were cameras that might have captured the crash then they need to be located as soon as possible before the recording is overwritten or otherwise destroyed.

Likewise, if there were witnesses they need to be interviewed as soon as possible to preserve their potential testimony. Also even if you have uninsured coverage you have to be sure that you can prove that the damage to your car was a result of a hit-and-run as opposed to having just run into something that might have fallen out of the hit-and-run vehicle there must be physical contact of the vehicles in order for uninsured motorist coverage to apply remember the insurance company always wants to blame you.

In those instances where it was a hit-and-run, there may not be much that can be done about it unless you have uninsured motorist coverage and then you are probably going to have to buy your own insurance to get compensated. Regardless of whether you can locate the person who hit you or not the need to hire an attorney is critical to at least focus on the uninsured coverage that you have hopefully purchased.

Unfortunately, a lot of times people try to save money and do not purchase UIM insurance in which case there is not much that can be done. Contact attorney Brad Parker in Bedford, Texas for a complimentary strategy session at (817)-503-9200 or visit his website.

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