Testimonial Video

Attorney Brad Parker explains that the number one reason of contacting an attorney early in the process is so that witness statements and evidence can be gathered. Remember the insurance company is not there to help you they are there to protect their insured and protect their profits. If they think they can avoid the liability of a claim or otherwise minimize it they will do so.

Evidence is extremely important in cases where there is a he-said she-said type of situation even in rear-end collisions we often hear the person who hit you claiming that you just suddenly and without warning jammed on your brakes and they could not avoid hitting you. If there are witnesses to an intersection collision you want to seek their information and what they can tell you about who had the green light versus the red light all of these factors are extremely important.

If there are witnesses that can testify about the at-fault party’s reckless driving then the likelihood of a jury or even the adjuster believing your version of events is greatly enhanced.  Therefore it is very important to get witness statements and gather any evidence that there might be. Contact attorney Bradley Parker in Bedford, Texas for a complimentary strategy session at (817)-503-9200