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So, you’re in need of a lawyer and you’ve been looking at some websites and every website has “free consultation.” Hi, I’m Brad Parker the attorney you want with hope you never need, and this is another edition of Bar Talk. Give me 90 seconds and I’ll give you an answer, come on in. Many, if not all, personal injury law websites have a statement that you can have a free consultation, what does that mean? What happens at a free consultation?

It’s an opportunity for you to go into the lawyer’s office, sit down and get some answers to your legal questions. But you shouldn’t just stop there. Whenever you go into for that free consultation, it doesn’t mean you have to sign up with that lawyer right then and right there. It should be an opportunity to evaluate that lawyer, do you like them? Do they seem competent? Is their personality a fit with your personality? Those are the things that you should look at to make a decision because it’s not only the lawyer’s competency that you’ll be looking and equating, but their personality.

How do you think they’ll play in front of a jury, and how do you think you’ll get along with them and their staff? This is a big decision you’re making and you should take the time to fully evaluate it. And don’t feel pressure to sign a contract right then and there. Take it home, look at it, talk to your spouse, wake up the next morning and see how you feel.

At the Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers when we invite you in for a free consultation it’s because we’ve already done a preliminary evaluation of your case and we believe that there may be a meritorious claim that we’d like to talk to you about further. But we’re also using that opportunity to get to know you, and make a determination of not we want to represent you. It’s a two way street. You get to pick your lawyer and we get to pick our clients. At Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers, we’re a team family and if we decide to represent you and if you allow us to represent you, we’re going to be part of a family, we’re going to be working together, and so that fit is very, very important.

So at a free consultation, don’t be swayed that you have to sign a contract right then, or that there’s some kind of trick to it, there’s not. It’s truly an opportunity to get to meet and know one another, and for you to get a little bit of free information about you’re rights and what your legal ramifications may or may not be. I hope this has been some help to you, I’m Brad Parker, the attorney you want but hope you never need and this has been another edition of Bar Talk. For more information about the legal process and your rights, download our free book.