Testimonial Video

If you hire someone who doesn’t consider themselves to be a trial attorney and truly is a trial attorney. When I say  trial attorney I’m talking about someone who actually gets in the courtroom and litigates. Most cases are resolved before litigation but what’s very important in my opinion is that the other side knows that if it has to go to trial.

I will take it to trial, I have  taken control and have proven track results of taking things to trial and as a result they know I’m serious with my claim, they they will give me full value for the claim and ironically and it’s somewhat said the better trialer you are bless you seem to go to trial sometimes because they want to settle with you, they don’t want to go to trial and they want to get the case resolved. You need someone who’s not afraid to go to the courtroom.

We work every case up from the moment they walk into this to this firm, we work the case as if we are going to trial, we get all of our records in a form that it can be admissible in evidence, we start interviewing witnesses and determining how we’re going to present their story.  

Get into evidence, we go ahead and draft to charge so we know exactly what the jury is going to be asked, if this case goes to trial and we build our case around that what we call it jury charge or jury questions. So having a trial lawyer, someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and successful in the courtroom is extremely important to you.