Testimonial Video

Well if you’ve been harmed or injured resulting from the actions of somebody else it’s the job of the insurance company to maintain their money. They don’t want to pay for the claim and they want to minimize your claim as much as possible.

So first and foremost you need somebody to help you navigate those waters and to get the highest and best recovery that you can under the circumstances. Even as important and sometimes more important, there are competing interests for that money.

Oftentimes insurance companies will have what we call subrogation interests where they want to have the money that they paid for your health care reimbursed to them and so you have a real hard fight. I tell many of my clients half of the fight is getting the money the next half of the fight is keeping the money because all of the competing interests that want or feel like they’re subrogated or have a right to your money.

We have to fight that since many times we fight hard as hard if not harder with those subrogation interests as we do the liability carrier who is responsible for the initial payment.