Testimonial Video

So you’ve been hurt in an automobile accident or some other type of injury and you’re thinking about filing a claim but you’re wondering what’s the value of my claim is it even worth it? Hi, I’m Brad Parker the attorney you want but hope you never need, this is another edition of bar talk. Come on in, give me 90 seconds, I’ll give you an answer.

Many people want to know what the value of their claim is when they come and see a personal injury attorney. The short answer is, no one can tell you, at least not at the beginning. Until you finish all of your medical treatment, no one can sit down and understand exactly what the value of your claim is, because we don’t know what doctors did you see, what kind of treatment did you receive, what type of doctor gave you that treatment, was it a physical therapist, was an orthopedic surgeon, was it a neurologist? Are you going to have any lingering and long-term effects as a result of the injury? Will you need the future surgery? All of these types of questions are very, very important in evaluating the claim.

Furthermore, until you’ve been completely released from the doctor no one will be able to tell you that. Additionally, what part, if any, did you play in causing the accident? Likewise, you may not be at fault at all, your injuries may be horrific but if there’s no insurance coverage or limited insurance coverage that’ll affect the value.

The bottom line is this until you finish seeing your doctor and until you’ve been released no one can really fully evaluate your claim and tell you what the value of it may or may not be. Any lawyer that tries to tell you at the outset what the value of your claim is, is either not very experienced or they’re just grandstanding and not being truthful and honest with you. Until next time, I’m Brad Parker the attorney you want but hope you never need.