Testimonial Video

Attorney Brad Parker explains that the primary allegation center around Johnson & Johnson’s failure to warn of the increased risk of ovarian cancer. They have allegedly known for years that the talcum powder has been linked to cancer and poses a significant harmful risk to consumers.

It seems clear that they are knowingly selling a product that has the potential to cause catastrophic harm to consumers. The Johnson & Johnson advertisements have persuaded women to use their talcum powder products for a fresh and clean feeling when in fact it has life-threatening risks but failed to warn of those risks if you are a woman and have used talcum powder consistently over a course of years and have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer you likely have a viable case if your pathology reports test positive for talc.

Ovarian cancer is a leading cause of death and thousands of women in the United States die each year from ovarian cancer.  Our firm is representing women who have used baby powder without the fair warning of its side effects and risks and who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer as a result. Contact attorney Bradley Parker in Bedford, Texas for a complimentary strategy session.