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Attorney Brad Parker explains that the minimum insurance requirements in Texas are $3,000 per person per incident up to $60,000 that means that each person driving on the road is supposed to have an insurance policy that will pay someone whom they injure up to $30,000 it will also pay if there are two people in the car or even 3, 4, or 5 up to $60,000 divided between all the occupants of the vehicle.

That is not a lot of money in the scheme of things especially if you are seriously injured and spend much time in the hospital One of the most beneficial types of insurance that you can have is underinsured uninsured motorist coverage.

That is insurance that you buy for yourself and for your family that will help pay the bills in the event that the person who hits you does not have enough insurance or they are completely uninsured. Contact attorney Bradley Parker in Bedford, Texas for a complimentary strategy session at (817)-503-9200