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It is important to have personal injury protection? Is it mandatory in Texas?


What is PIP insurance and do you need it? Hi, I’m Brad Parker the attorney you want but hope you never need and this is another edition of bar talk. Give me 61 seconds, I’ll give you an answer, come on in.

PIP insurance or commonly referred to as “personal injury protection insurance is mandatory in the state of Texas and unless you specifically decline it in writing you’re going to have it on your policy and what pip pays for are those out-of-pocket expenses that you incur after an accident. You’ll have co-pays, you’ll have deductibles, you may have lost wages.

PIP is there to reimburse you almost immediately for those lost items while the rest of your insurance claim is being resolved, which could take weeks, months, or even years. Therefore, that’s why it’s so important that you have PIP insurance. Now, there’s also another thing called med pay, but med pay sometimes they try to get you to replace your Pip with med pay, but the reason you don’t want to do that is because med pay will not cover the other expenses, other than medical bills. In other words, you will not cover your lost wages it will not cover transportation, it will not cover anything other than medical bills.

Therefore, it’s always preferred that you have PIP and in that regard get as much as you can. Typically it’s not very expensive, the minimum amount is $2,500 but you can get all the way up to about $10,000. You ought to look into it at all possible. I hope this has been helpful, this has been another edition of Bar Talk, I’m Brad Parker the attorney you want but hope you never need until next time for more information about the legal process in your right download our free book.