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Well, I think first and foremost you need to feel very very comfortable the attorney. You need to first check out their qualifications and see, are they board certified for instance. I’ve been board certified since 1997 in the area of personal injury trial law.

You need to look at what their qualifications. You need to see what their experience is, do they advertise themselves as doing probate,  wills,  divorces,  business disputes and personal injury? If so,  that might not be the attorney for you. Do they concentrate almost solely in the personal injury field or in claims against insurance companies if so that’s probably a good fit, at least from a background in a technical expertise position. 

The next thing you need to do is visit with the attorney, make sure you’re comfortable with that attorney because you’re entrusting a significantly important part of your life into their hands to take control and help you with and if you don’t have a good rapport and relationship and feel comfortable with the person that’s representing you you’re never going to have a full confidence in trusting . That’s just so so very important in any situation.

Then take a look at the staff take a look at their track record. You need to walk away and you shouldn’t think you need to hire the first attorney you meet. You need to feel very comfortable with both their qualifications and you’re the one on one to be sure that their the right attorney for you.  

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