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Everybody’s case is different.

We have all heard about, well my neighbor was in this and this in this and they made X amount of dollars. Well, first of all, that may or may not be true but even more importantly everyone’s case is different. Did they break their arm? How was it fractured? How long did it have to take to heal? Were they a concert pianist? Were they a mechanic? Were they a teacher? Were they an airline pilot? You know what kind of income did they lose because of the loss of their arm? You know frankly, if I broke my arm I could still practice law however if I’m a mechanic and I break my arm I can’t go to work so the economic impact of breaking my arm might be completely different and a mechanic may have a much more serious economic impact than I personally would.

So when you try to sit down and evaluate a claim it’s just impossible to do immediately you have to get all the medical information you have to get all the economic loss information and you have to see how well that person heals. For instance again, on a broken arm what if you had a broken arm and it healed perfectly versus a broken arm it didn’t set properly and you have to recast it and God forbid some serious infection happens in you lose use or maybe they have to amputate your arm.

Of course, you don’t know that when the whole case is getting started and so it’s not until you get through your entire medical procedures and you release from your doctor that you can really have an accurate understanding of what the case value is.

There is a lot that goes into a personal injury case, and it is important to know your part in the case before you go to an attorney. If you would like to speak to a persona

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