Testimonial Video

Have you ever wondered what to consider when choosing the right lawyer?


People always want to know “how do I decide to hire the right attorney?”

Hi, I’m Brad Parker, the attorney you want but hope that you never need and this is 90 seconds of Bar Talk come on in let’s talk. oftentimes people are very confused when they start looking at websites and trying to decide who should I hire to represent me? after all if you look at the web sites long enough we all look a lot alike and our experience levels can be very similar.

While experience and credentials are very important, and I’ll tell you mine can match anybody’s you need to go beyond just that you need to look at the report that you have with the person you’re going to hire. Do you like them? Do your personalities mesh? Do you feel like they’re being honest and straightforward with you? Because if they’re not, or if you get the feeling they’re not at the beginning of your relationship, I can promise you that will not get any better during the course of your relationship.

Litigation can be very frustrating, time consuming and you’ll be frustrated with the things your lawyer tells you, and the things that you have to do. You have to have a trust. A trust between you and you’re lawyer and that starts with the relationship.