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The time limit in which to bring a claim under current Texas law is two years from the date of the denial. Not two years from the date of your loss, although there have been several attempts in the Texas legislature to make those changes to shorten that time period.

Once you can bring it up, but you need to do it sooner rather than later,  and the second you feel like you’re having problems and not getting anywhere,  maybe on the third adjuster that’s been assigned to your claim,  you go I’m not getting anywhere I need to go talk to an attorney.

Timing Is Everything

The typical rule of thumb is two years from the date of denial. The Texas Legislature one of the hottest topics in the last couple of sessions has been insurance and specifically homeowners insurance. There are repeated and continual attempts and there will be continued and repeated attempts at trying to change the law in this area because insurance companies don’t like it. 

If you have been denied coverage by your insurance company, there is a time limit in Texas from the date of denial, where your claim is no longer valid. Contact a trial lawyer at our firm today to discuss your insurance case with a skilled personal injury attorney.