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The other area that we do a lot of work in is what we call first party litigation and that is where you have a policy of insurance and typically, it’s a homeowner’s policy, that you have purchased for your house.

A storm will come through, destroy your roof or some portion of your house, and the insurance company will not (for whatever reason) repair or pay for the repairs of your home satisfactorily. They either deny it or they only want to pay for half of it or not the full value.

In those situations, Texas law provides that there are certain duties and obligations on the part of insurance companies in those situations, and if they violate those duties and obligations they can be responsible for not only interest on what they’ve not paid, but for penalties as well as attorney’s fees. And while each case, from an insurance company standpoint, isn’t that big, what you need to understand is these insurance companies oftentimes will shortchange hundreds if not thousands of homeowners, which, if it’s only taken off twenty thousand or five thousand dollars per homeowner, just do the math on how much money they have saved themselves.  

What we like to try and do is that no matter what the value of the claimants that you know if it’s a little bit of value that we can get in and try to get that case resolved for you because of the threat of the penalties the interest and the attorney’s fees and so that’s kind of what we concentrate on and typically you’ll see that in tornado-stricken areas, hail damaged areas, you know, severe winds that caused damage to homes that certain areas you’ll see a pattern on the part of the insurance coming to the dot deny the claims and we get in there and fight the insurance companies.