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Why it is Best Not to Let an Insurance Carrier Handle Everything For You

Brad Parker says most people involved in a car crash that was not their fault almost always need an attorney to obtain a fair settlement.

If they are seriously hurt, their insurance carrier will not handle it for them. They will handle your property damage, assuming that you bought collision coverage, they will go ahead and take care of your car and if they believe that the other party is responsible they will go ahead and take care of getting reimbursements for the property damage from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

However, if you have been seriously injured your insurance company is not going to pay you for your injuries even if you have coverage. Your insurance company is going to try and minimize your claim if they are willing to pay anything at all your insurance company is just like the other person’s insurance company when it comes to personal injury cases they do not want to pay them they want to make certain that they pay as little as possible on the claim.

You should hire an attorney board certified in personal injury trial law in order to make certain all of the insurance companies involved pay in the way they are supposed to. Contact attorney Brad Parker in Bedford Texas for a complimentary strategy session at (817)-503-9200.