Fort Worth Car Accident Statistics

Fort Worth has a mixed record for car accidents. The city has fewer car accidents than other major cities in Texas, including Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. But when compared to other metropolitan areas around the U.S., Fort Worth only ranks as the 139th safest city out of 200 cities surveyed.

Traffic accidents in Fort Worth happen often. In 2022, the city had over 13,000 car crashes, roughly 37 car accidents per day. Understanding how, where, and when these collisions happen can help you avoid the behaviors and conditions that produce them.

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How Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in Fort Worth, TX

How Parker Law Firm Can Help After a Car Accident in Fort Worth, TX

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How Many Traffic Accidents Happen in Fort Worth, TX?

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Fort Worth had 15,518 traffic accidents in 2022. 

According to a query on TxDOT’s Crash Records Information System, these accidents included:

Of the remaining traffic accidents, the city had 11,378 multi-vehicle collisions involving cars, semi-trucks, buses, or motorcycles in 2022.

Causes and Effects of Car Accidents in Fort Worth

Fort Worth car accident statistics tell you where, when, and how crashes happen. This information can help city officials and police agencies set their priorities for road projects and traffic law enforcement. These numbers can also help you avoid situations that lead to crashes in the city.

Outcomes of Traffic Accidents in Fort Worth

According to TxDOT, Fort Worth had 114 fatal crashes and 5,029 non-fatal injury crashes. 

These traffic accidents caused:

  • 120 fatalities
  • 449 serious injuries that required ambulance transportation
  • 2,721 visible minor injuries that did not require an ambulance
  • 3,724 possible injuries that caused pain or other symptoms but left no visible wound

In 2022, roughly 21% of people in Fort Worth car accidents suffered a fatal or non-fatal injury. About 79% walked away from their crashes without any injuries or symptoms of an injury.

When Crashes Happened

Most car accidents in Fort Worth happened during the morning and afternoon commutes in 2022. Crash numbers fell during the middle of the day and overnight. The most dangerous hours to drive are between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. These four hours accounted for roughly 32% of car crashes, even though they only took up about 16.7% of the day.

Weekdays average about 27% more traffic crashes than weekend days. This matches the hour-of-day statistics that show commuting hours have more crashes than non-commuting hours. On weekends, fewer people commute, and as a result, fewer crashes occur.

Traffic accidents tend to increase during the spring before falling over the summer months. They jump again when fall starts, then taper off into winter. In 2022, the months with the most crashes were May and September. July and December had the fewest crashes.

What Causes Car Crashes in Fort Worth?

The most common causes of fatal crashes in Fort Worth included speeding and failing to yield at an intersection. 

Speeding increases crash energy. As a result, the occupants of both vehicles are more likely to suffer serious or fatal injuries.

Failing to yield happens when a driver:

  • Proceeds through the intersection out of turn
  • Turns left or right before the intersection clears
  • Disobeys traffic signs or signals

These crashes cause serious injuries when one vehicle hits the side of another, causing the door to crush the vehicle occupants.

The most common cause of injury accidents was distracted driving. These accidents often led to rear-end collisions or sideswipes. These types of collisions can injure motorists but are less likely to cause fatalities.

Locations of Fort Worth Car Accidents

Crashes in Fort Worth clustered in a few places, including:

  • I-30
  • I-35W
  • TX-121/Airport Freeway
  • 6th St.
  • Belknap St.
  • Riverside Dr.
  • Berry St.
  • NE 28th St.
  • N Main St.

Unfortunately, the most dangerous roads are often the busiest and most convenient. You might find it difficult to navigate the city while avoiding these dangerous roads and highways.

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