Why Do Rear-End Collisions Happen, and Who’s To Blame?

It takes over 72,000 miles of highway and countless miles of country road to cover the great State of Texas. With so much traffic and many different road conditions, there are bound to be a few rear-end collisions, no matter how careful drivers are. 

Rear-end collisions are one of the most frequent types of car accidents to happen anywhere. Understanding why they happen puts you one step closer to preventing them. 

The Most Common Reasons for Rear-End Collisions

No driver begins a trip planning to become distracted and accidentally ram into the rear of another vehicle. It happens — and it happens frequently — but why? The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that nearly one-third of all auto accidents are rear-end collisions. 

Rear-end accidents most commonly occur on busy roads and exit ramps. Driver error is the biggest reason for these collisions, but taking a closer look at the specific causes may help you avoid a rear-end collision in the future. 


Driving over the speed limit or driving too fast for the current conditions makes it difficult to stop safely in an emergency. An obstruction in the road, a pedestrian or bicyclist who is not following the rules, or an accident ahead could all force you to stop quickly. 

Distracted Driving

Texting, eating, attending to children, or any number of activities can distract you from paying attention to the road. Remember, drivers should have their full visual, physical, and mental attention on what’s in front of them, not what’s going on inside the car. 


It’s an easy habit to get into, especially in heavy traffic, but tailgating is never recommended. Following too closely won’t leave you enough room to stop safely if the driver in front stops short. Always leave at least three seconds of stopping time between you and the car you are following. 


With rare exceptions, Texas drivers don’t need to worry about heavy snow or icy roads. However, rain, wind, and other weather can create hazardous driving conditions. When the weather is bad, slow down. Leave a few extra minutes for your daily commute to lower your chances of having a car accident. 

Poor Road Design

Poor lighting, poorly marked roads, inadequate signage, and a lack of pavement markings can contribute to all types of collisions on the road, including bicycle and truck accidents

Who’s To Blame for a Rear-End Collision in Texas?

As with most states, Texas law typically considers the driver in the back to be liable for a rear-end crash. However, this may not always be the case. If the lead driver fails to use a turn signal or changes lanes without warning, they could be legally accountable for the accident. 

Failing to have working tail lights, driving distracted, or breaking other traffic rules can also make the lead driver liable. If you have been involved in a rear-end collision in Texas, don’t automatically assume you are legally at blame if you are the driver in the back. 

Treat a rear-end collision the same way you would any auto accident. Do not accept the blame until all the facts have been gathered. Call an attorney to make sure your rights are protected before signing any type of settlement agreement. 

Help Reduce Rear-End Collisions

You can help Texas roads become safer for everyone when you follow the law. Pay attention to speed limits and remove all distractions while driving. If you are in a rear-end collision, follow up with your doctor even if you don’t immediately suspect an injury.

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