How Much Does a Semi Truck Weigh?

When living in a small town like Bedford, TX, you might think that car accidents are pretty rare. In reality, Bedford has a lot of car accidents, and some of the worst ones involve semi trucks. The size and weight of semi trucks make them extremely dangerous during a crash.

But how much does a semi truck weigh? That depends on a variety of factors, including whether the truck is hauling a trailer and if that trailer is loaded or empty. Here’s what you need to know about semi truck weights.

How Much Does a Semi Truck Weigh in Tons?

One U.S. ton equals 2,000 lbs. According to U.S. traffic laws, the maximum legal fully loaded weight for a semi truck is 80,000 lbs (or 40 tons). If the truck is pulling an unloaded trailer, it probably weighs closer to 35,000 lbs or around 17.5 tons. 

Even when a semi truck is unloaded, it can still cause a lot of mayhem in a traffic accident. Accidents involving commercial trucks are unique from traditional car crashes. How the vehicles collide and the weights involved are a few key differences. 

For instance, a semi truck can jackknife. This can cause a multi-vehicle accident, as other drivers may have to swerve or slam on their brakes to avoid impact. Regardless of what causes the accident, any collision involving a heavy semi truck can be catastrophic.  

How Much Does a Semi Truck Weigh Without a Trailer?

Fully loaded semi trucks are extremely heavy. But what about the cab itself? Those have to be much lighter, right? Yes and no.

On average, a semi truck, also known as a tractor, weighs around 25,000 lbs or 12.5 tons. That’s still a lot of mass, making the truck far heavier than your typical car. In fact, a semi truck alone can be five to seven times heavier than a sedan.  

How Much Does a Semi Truck Tire Weigh?

Everything about semi trucks is heavy, including the tires. The average passenger car tire weighs about 20 lbs. For comparison, a semi truck tire weighs about 110 lbs. All that weight can be dangerous, especially in the case of a blowout at highway speeds.

Just the force of a blown tire can shatter your window and cause catastrophic injury. That’s why hanging out next to a semi truck on the highway is not a good idea, especially if you are in a smaller vehicle that is low to the ground. Be careful when passing trucks, too, as a blowout can happen without warning. 

Why Knowing Semi Truck Weights Is Important

While you may not need to know exactly how much a semi truck weighs, having a general idea of the mass differences between a commercial vehicle and a passenger car can help you stay safe on the roadways. 

Due to their weight, semi trucks take a lot longer to accelerate. They also take longer to stop, so you must be careful when merging in front of trucks or traveling behind them.

Staying Safe Around Semi Trucks

The weight of a semi truck is something that always needs to be on your radar when driving. Staying safe around semi trucks requires diligence and attentiveness. While most commercial driver’s license holders are safe drivers, you must always be aware of your surroundings. 

If you do find yourself involved in an accident with a semi truck, know that you have legal options. Reach out to a qualified truck accident attorney for help filing a claim for compensation.

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