7 Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Injury Case

Proving that someone else’s negligence caused you to suffer an injury is just half of the battle in a personal injury claim. In order to secure full compensation, you also need to prove how you have suffered as a result of your injury. Getting a diagnosis from a medical professional is very important to this effort, but it is not all you need to do. Here are seven ways to strengthen your personal injury case.

1. Take Photos of the Scene and Your Injuries

Photos can be invaluable to your personal injury case. No matter what type of accident you have been involved in, taking photos of the scene, damaged property, and bodily injuries you sustained can be helpful. If needed, our team will also hire accident reconstruction experts to help you get the best results possible. Injuries may heal over time, so taking pictures of your injuries periodically, even after your accident, help to build your case. 

2. Don’t Skip Doctors’ Appointments and Always Follow Doctors’ Recommendations

Many times, injuries sustained in an accident may not be fully felt until well after the accident has occurred. This delay is due to the surge of adrenaline the body is programmed to provide following a high-stress situation. Skipping medical attention following a traumatic injury brings with it the enormous risk of weakening your overall health in the long run, but it also can weaken your case. Any gaps in medical treatment can be viewed as a lack of severe injury and, therefore, not an accident deserving of a large settlement. If you have received your initial treatment and were scheduled for a follow-up appointment, attend it. Failing to do so could make the severity of the injury come into question.

3. Don’t Talk About Your Case with Anyone but Your Lawyer

It can be easy to accidentally admit fault. With insurance companies looking for any possible reason to deny or minimize a case, the best advice an attorney can give is “don’t talk about your case.” When you speak with a lawyer before anyone else, they can advise you regarding what to say to whom, thereby helping you maximize your odds of winning a substantial settlement.

4. Keep a Written Record of What Happened During Your Accident and Events After

Document every detail. Your case could take a year or two years before you get compensated, and memories fade or may become distorted over time. In the case of a car accident, the information you might want to document includes:

  • How fast you were traveling
  • The direction you were headed
  • What the other driver was doing right before the accident

You’re going to forget the severe pain you were in or how you laid in bed night after night unable to sleep because you were in pain. If you document it in a journal, it will help you remember everything you went through when you must tell your story. 

5. Look Ahead

When determining your claim, don’t forget to include any future damages you might incur because of your personal injury. Say, for instance, you experienced an injury that left you severely burned. In addition to the medical costs, you’re experiencing in the short-term, you may have a long-term treatment plan from your doctor that lays out plans for surgeries over the next 10 years. Your attorney can work to calculate how much each procedure will cost, taking inflation into account, then fight to make sure those expenses are covered in your settlement.

6. Steer Clear of Social Media

We understand that social media is a big part of people’s lives these days, but it is best to avoid it altogether during the duration of your case. Any statements about your injuries, even just to reassure your friends that you are okay, can be manipulated and used against you. Even what you may think are completely innocent posts, such as having dinner or going for a walk, can be used against you in ways you never anticipated. The other side is absolutely watching what you post. Don’t give them anything to work with.

7. Supply All Requested Documents on Time

In personal injury cases, it is so important to provide documentary evidence to support your case. Give yourself enough time to collect all the documentation you and your attorney will need and ensure that it is as complete and accurate as possible. Don’t let delays be caused by waiting until the last minute to begin collecting documentation.

If you’ve been in an accident due to the negligence of someone, Parker Law Firm’s experienced personal injury lawyers are standing by to help you. Contact us for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to review your options.