Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident in Bedford, TX?

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s important to know the steps you should take to ensure that your case is handled properly. Even if your accident wasn’t especially serious and you don’t believe there were any serious injuries, you may still want to consider hiring a lawyer. You could be entitled to some compensation, even for minor injuries.

Here are some of the reasons you should speak with a personal injury lawyer, even after what seems like a minor accident:

You Might Experience Injuries Later

It is not uncommon for injuries to appear days or even weeks after an accident. By having an experienced lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that they will be able to help you get the compensation you deserve if these injuries start appearing down the road. 

Forming this relationship now will make filing claims easier because there will be more time to gather evidence and investigate the accident. At the very least, you can set up a free consultation to discuss your situation with an attorney to find out whether you have a case worth pursuing.

You Might Overlook Important Evidence

Without someone experienced in handling car accidents by your side, it is easy to miss important evidence that could prove valuable when negotiating with an insurance company or filing suit against another party. Lawyers have access to resources, such as experts, who can analyze and strengthen your claim when needed.

You May Have More Property Damage Than You Realize 

Cars often cost significantly more to repair than you might anticipate. Having an experienced attorney on your side is essential as they will know how to have your car assessed and what to do to make sure all your costs are covered. 

You May Be Entitled to Pain and Suffering Damages

This is something that many people do not realize right away, but you could be entitled to pain and suffering damages, also referred to as non-economic damages. This remains true even if your physical injuries are relatively minor.

An Attorney Can Advise You on What To Do if There Is No Settlement 

In some cases, there may not be enough evidence or facts to settle an auto accident case without going to court. In this situation, your lawyer can advise you on whether it is worth pursuing legal action.

Initial Consultations Are Almost Always Free 

One of the best things about meeting with attorneys is that most offer free consultations, so you have no financial risk. The most you will spend is a little bit of your time. Therefore, there is no reason not to speak with one and find out what options may be available to you. Because car accident lawyers in Bedford generally work for a contingency fee, they won’t take on your case unless it makes sense for everyone involved.

Consequences of Not Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Not hiring a personal injury lawyer could lead to several negative consequences, including:

You Might End Up Settling for Less Than You Deserve

Insurance companies often try to undercut victims who don’t have legal representation by offering very low settlement amounts. Once you hire a lawyer, the insurance company knows you’re serious and is more likely to make an offer closer to what you deserve. 

Even in minor car accidents, every penny counts. If someone else was responsible for the accident, you shouldn’t have to pay any medical expenses or property damage, even if it’s minimal.

The Blame Could Be Shifted to You

Without an experienced lawyer by your side, it is more likely that the other party will try to pin the blame on you for the accident, even if it wasn’t your fault. When you hire a lawyer, they can help you gather evidence, determine who is really responsible, and make sure you are protected.

Deciding whether or not to hire an attorney after being involved in a minor car accident will ultimately come down to the facts and circumstances involved in the situation. However, it’s likely worth your time to contact a lawyer to set up a free consultation and discuss your legal rights and options.

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