How To Obtain a Car Accident Report in Bedford

You should always obtain a car accident report in Texas for your personal records. If you hire a Bedford car accident lawyer to represent you in a car accident case, your attorney requests a copy of the car accident report. You can ask the attorney’s office to provide a copy to you for your records.

If you need a copy of your car accident report now or plan to handle your claim without a lawyer, you can obtain a copy online, in person, or by mail. However, it is still wise to seek legal advice before deciding whether to file a car accident claim on your own.

Requesting a Copy of a Car Accident Report in Bedford, TX

If the Bedford police department investigates your car accident, you can contact the police department to obtain a copy of the accident report. Police reports are available in person for $6 per report at the Bedford Police Department Records Counter. You can also request a copy of a Bedford car accident report online from LexisNexis BuyCrash.

The Texas Department of Transportation maintains a crash records information system online. You can request copies of crash reports from anywhere in the state through the C.R.I.S. website. It can take up to 14 days from the crash date for your crash report to appear on the website. 

It is important to note that only certain people can obtain a copy of a car accident report. Texas law allows the parties involved, their lawyers, and relevant insurance companies to request a copy of the accident report. 

Reporting Errors in Texas Car Accident Reports

One reason for obtaining a copy of the car accident report is to review the information in the report for accuracy. You should review the report and note any incorrect information. Report the errors to your Bedford car accident attorney as soon as possible.

If you do not have an attorney, you can report the errors to the police officer who created the report. The decision to change the report is up to the responding officer. 

Generally, an officer is willing to correct errors in basic information, such as names, addresses, and vehicle information. However, the officer is unlikely to change their conclusions regarding who contributed to the cause of the accident or statements made to the officer. If you disagree with the information, hiring a car accident attorney as soon as possible is best. 

Why Do You Need a Copy of the Car Accident Report for a Texas Car Accident Claim?

A police report from a car accident contains facts and opinions noted by the responding police officer. For example, the report should have the names and contact information of all drivers and passengers. It should also list the insurance information for each vehicle.

A car accident report may contain other information which could help in proving fault for the car crash, such as:

  • The weather and road conditions at the time of the crash
  • Distances to landmarks and other objects
  • Statements made by eyewitnesses, drivers, passengers, and other parties involved in the accident
  • Whether a driver was cited for traffic violations
  • The officer’s opinion regarding fault for the cause of the accident
  • A diagram of the accident
  • Notes regarding physical evidence, such as skid marks, road debris, and more

A car accident report helps prove that the accident occurred. It can also provide details that we can follow up on during our independent investigation into the cause of your car accident. 

We may interview witnesses as soon as possible to confirm their account is the same as reported on the car accident report. Memories fade, so conducting these interviews in a timely manner can help preserve evidence in a personal injury case

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Bedford, TX?

Call 911 to report the accident and ask for police officers and emergency medical services. The 911 operator will determine which police agency to dispatch based on the accident location. 

Do not discuss the accident with the other driver beyond asking if they need medical assistance. You do not want to say something that could be interpreted as admitting fault for the accident. If witnesses are present, ask them for their names and contact information. 

If it is safe for you to do so, take photographs of the vehicles. Make a video of the accident scene.

As soon as possible, see a doctor for medical treatment. Delays in medical care could hurt your car accident case. You need to link the accident to your injuries to recover damages.

After seeing a doctor, contact a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation. Regardless of the severity of the crash or your injuries, sound legal advice is the best way to protect your rights after a car accident in Bedford.

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