Handle Your Personal Injury Claim Without Hiring a Lawyer

Handle Your Claim Without Hiring a Lawyer

Handle Your Personal Injury Claim Without Hiring a Lawyer

One of the things that Parker Law Firm Injury Lawyers routinely sees is people who are involved in, what one would call, fender benders or minor accidents, and they’re really not significantly hurt. They might have some property damage; they may have a sprain or a strain; the injuries are very minor. When injuries are minor and there is minimal medical treatment, the value of the claim is going to be low. You don’t need a lawyer for those kinds of cases. By the time a personal injury lawyer took the case, charged an attorney fee, paid the medical expenses, etc., you—the client—are going to have close to zero dollars to put in your pocket. All claims and all legal issues don’t require an attorney. You can resolve the case on your own with the insurance company, without hiring a lawyer, if you just know what to do.

Brad Parker believes Knowledge is Power, so he wrote a book to help those who have minor injury or property damage claims that don’t truly need the assistance of a lawyer.

For a better understanding on how to handle your personal injury claim without hiring a lawyer, request a free copy of our book, How Do I…Settle It Myself, by filling out the form below.

What Types of Cases Can Be Settled Without Hiring a Lawyer?

In this book, you will learn that the following cases can be settled without hiring a lawyer:

  • Those involving minor property damage
  • Medical injuries are primarily sprains and strains
  • There was no immediate medical care provided
  • There was only chiropractic or physical therapy treatment involved
  • There were no broken bones, blood, surgery or death
  • No future medical care is anticipated
  • No more than a few days of work were missed

This 50-page book covers everything you need to know when you are involved in a minor car accident, including free downloadable forms that can help you handle your personal injury claim on your own:

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