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Commercial Vehicle Collisions in Texas

Were you or someone you love injured in a crash with a commercial vehicle? No matter what anyone says, these crashes are not the same as ordinary car accidents and should not be dealt with the same way.

For a better understanding of how they are different and how they should be handled, request a free copy of our book, Commercial Vehicle Collisions in Texas. This book addresses various aspects of the insurance claims process that are common in semi-truck accident cases.

The More You Know, the Better Protected You Will Be

When you spend time doing some background research before speaking with the insurance agents or attorneys for a liable truck driver or trucking company, you will have the ammunition you need to help protect your claim for maximum compensation. In this book, you will learn:

  1. The type of vehicles commonly involved in trucking accidents
  2. The regulations truck drivers must adhere to
  3. The common causes of commercial vehicle accidents
  4. The first steps to take after being involved in a commercial vehicle accident
  5. The important evidence in a commercial vehicle accident
  6. The steps in starting the claims process
  7. The truth about how much compensation you can expect
  8. The steps to take if a loved one was killed in a crash with a commercial vehicle
  9. The cost of hiring the specialized services of a commercial truck accident attorney

This 65-page book covers everything you need to know when you are involved in a commercial truck accident.

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You can receive your digital copy as a PDF immediately via email by completing the short form below. Once you have read through the book, feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have and to schedule your free initial consultation with our truck accident attorney. Don’t try to go it alone! Read our book and then call us for help.