According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), thousands of people die each year from accidental home injuries. Keeping your residence safe isn’t just important for your family, but it’s a responsibility that comes with home ownership. Preventable injuries include things like falls, burns, car accidents and dog bites. The good news is that by incorporating just a few tips, your home can be safe for Santa and any other holiday visitors.

Holiday Cheer

If guests are partaking of alcohol, make sure there is plenty of food to absorb the impact of booze on partygoers and cut off the drinks toward the end of the evening. Associate attorney, Claire Fore says, “When the party is breaking up, encourage (insist) that anyone who has been drinking take an Uber and have the number of a cab handy. You may even need to be prepared to let your guests spend the night.”

Stressed-Out Pets

Extra humans in your home could put stress on your dog. Moments of fear could lead to aggressive behavior from your four-legged friend even if they have never shown signs of aggression in the past. Claire says, “Dogs can get scared or overreact when put in certain situations. Put your dog away, either in a back bedroom or crate. Otherwise you are putting yourself at serious liability, not to mention the horrific humiliation of a guest being attacked in your home.”

Lock and Key

If you take medication or own weapons, keep them locked up. It’s especially important to get a secure gun safe. It’s also a good idea to stash away any valuable or sentimental items as they could accidently get damaged.

Slips and Falls

Keep stairways well lit, and make sure there is a stable railing. If there’s carpet on the stairs, it needs to be tight with no protruding nails or tripping hazards. If little ones will be in attendance, put a gate at the top of the stairs. Make sure there is nothing around the house that guests could trip over, such as lamp cords, unmarked steps or bunched-up rugs.

Fire Safety

Adding a smoke detector to each floor of your home and in every bedroom is an easy way to keep everyone safe. Some smoke detectors are smoke/CO combos, but if your smoke alarm can’t detect carbon monoxide (CO), you should add a separate detector. “Buy fire extinguishers for each end of the house and also keep one accessible near the kitchen, then learn to use them,” Claire says.

It is a happy time of year for many and we want you to keep it that way! Make sure your home is safe for Santa, and any holiday guests, to keep everyone jolly this season.

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