The search for an attorney is usually preceded by a traumatic event in someone’s life. When another person’s negligent behavior leaves you or those you love with a serious injury, it can be an overwhelming time. While you are trying to recover, insurance companies are calling, and medical bills are piling up. To them, you are simply another case number on a piece of paper, a box to check and move on. You deserve an advocate who understands that injury victims are real people suffering real pain whose decisions have real consequences for their future.

Brad Parker says, “I can’t stress enough the importance of hiring an attorney with experience. Look for a board-certified lawyer who specializes in the particular field in which you are seeking an attorney instead of someone who practices law in general. Hiring a lawyer can be beneficial much like hiring an auto mechanic can be beneficial. Maybe you are able to do some of the repairs to your car or change the oil, but hiring someone who specializes in those things has its advantages with a lot less headaches. There are many pitfalls in the law.”

What You Can Expect From Parker Law Firm

Our fee will never exceed what you receive from the recovery. We work on a contingency fee basis and don’t get paid unless and until you get paid and we have helped you successfully make a recovery on your claim. People often wonder if there will be anything left over after paying all of the medical bills and lawyer fees. While that may happen at other firms, it will NEVER happen at Parker Law Firm. Our fee will NEVER exceed your recovery.

We fight tirelessly to reduce the amounts that must be paid back to health insurance companies and medical providers. Half the battle is getting the money; the other half is keeping the money. Our work doesn’t end when your case is settled or a judgment is entered. Many times the medical providers and health insurance companies try to charge you more just because you were in an accident. We routinely fight these efforts and often times even file suit against these entities to obtain the reductions that you deserve.

We only take selected cases that we believe in. We are not interested in taking every injury or insurance case that comes our way simply to settle as fast as possible. We practice law because we want to help you have a voice in the system and recover fair and reasonable compensation for your loss. We are as clear and upfront with you from the start as to the likelihood of success. If we take your case, we are committed. Being selective in the cases we accept allows to focus on your case and provide the type of legal representation that we would want for our own families.

If a client retains our services and has any regrets or reservations within the first 30 days, they can walk away free and clear. We consider our relationships with clients to be our lasting legacy, and we take that mission seriously. We are here to be your advocate and partner, and we think you will feel valued and successful with us. If you do not, however, you are free to walk away and owe us nothing.

What Parker Law Firm Expects From You

When it comes to getting compensation for your injury, it may be tempting to omit certain details or exaggerate when recounting the accident. You may be worried that your case won’t sound valid enough if you don’t do these things, but the exact opposite is true. “Being dishonest will always come back to haunt you. You will lose all credibility, and that can crater your case,” Brad says.

You don’t want your attorney to be blindsided, so lay everything out on the table. Even if you have a previous DWI or DUI on your record, let your attorney know. “We can keep that out of evidence as we go to trial. Unless you were drunk during the time of the wreck, it shouldn’t affect your case. Now in more severe cases, insurance adjusters may try to assign importance to a previous DWI. But what matters is the state of your mind and physical condition at the time of the accident,” Brad says.

Here are five things you should absolutely tell your attorney

These could affect a lawyer’s strategy during the personal injury claims process, and therefore should be discussed as quickly as possible.

1) Disclose any previous injuries you’ve suffered from past accidents. Insurance adjusters attempting to deny the claim might try to say that your current injuries are related to a past accident. This is something that your lawyer needs to be able to dispute.

2) Tell your attorney about your criminal history. Unless they are related to driving, misdemeanors or felonies usually will not affect your case. In the event that it comes up at trial, you need your lawyer to have all the information that opposing counsel has.

3) Communicate your current financial situation. If you file for bankruptcy during your personal injury case, your settlement could become part of the estate. This means you won’t get the money, your creditors will. Your attorney can work with bankruptcy lawyers to get you the compensation you deserve.

4) Let your attorney know if you have filed or are filing for divorce. If a spouse was supporting you after your injury, they might go after part of the damages you receive.

5) Reveal any injuries you may have experienced since the day of your accident. The other side may attempt to claim that you are trying to get compensation for injuries unrelated to your accident.

Have You Been Injured In A Texas Accident?

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At Parker Law Firm, our experienced personal injury lawyers believe people matter. We are committed to our clients, not case numbers, and we believe in the power of the civil justice system. With years spent both representing accident victims and participating in the state legislative process, our founder, Brad Parker, has developed a deep understanding of the law and gained unique experience that helps him get results for his clients.

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