Approximately 3.7 million high school seniors across the country are having a sad ending to their secondary education. Prom dresses hang in closets still dangling price tags, senior trips have been cancelled and most won’t get to walk the stage for graduation, a senior’s proudest moment. It’s true that sacrifices are being asked of everyone, but the graduation class of 2020 really got the short end of the stick.

There’s also a lot of uncertainty for students planning to continue their education. Students who had not yet taken their SATs will experience a delay in their college career. Many students are waiting to hear if the financial aid they expected to receive is still going to come through. For seniors who had not planned on attending college, they must enter a job market that has been demolished by the coronavirus. While just a month or so ago the economy seemed to be chugging along and everywhere was hiring, that all changed almost overnight.

Brad says, “This pandemic is a life-altering event. Seniors need to keep their heads high and persevere. Try to make the best of this unprecedented opportunity and reflect on what’s really important. Each year Parker Law Firm awards three academic scholarships to Hurst-Euless-Bedford School District seniors who are preparing to go to college, and I couldn’t help but sympathize for these kids with so much uncertainty ahead.”

Ways Parents Can Help Their Teens

Lead by example

Children will react to and learn from your example. If they see Mom or Dad practicing social distancing and observing the regulations and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and local leaders, they will likely do the same.

Be cognizant of how you talk about the pandemic

Your discussion about COVID-19 can either amp up or calm your child’s fears. Remind your children that your family is healthy, and you are going to do everything within your power to keep them safe. Listen carefully and have them write out their thoughts and feelings in a journal. It’s also a good idea to regulate the amount of news they are taking in each day.

Demonstrate meditation practices

Deep breathing is a great tool for calming nerves. Do breathing exercises with your children and teach them to still their thoughts and focus.

Maintain a daily routine

Keeping a regular schedule provides a sense of control, predictability, and calmness. It also helps children and other family members respect others’ need for quiet or uninterrupted time.

Work together to help others in the community

This could be anything from writing letters to the neighbors or delivering meals to those stuck at home. Helping others brings a sense of fulfillment that could help battle the COVID-19 blues.

Give a lot of encouragement and support

Remember that this should have been an exciting time in their life — graduation, getting ready for college or starting a new job. While it isn’t the worst thing that could happen, it means a lot to them. Give them encouragement and support, and let them know that everything will be okay.

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