From a young age, it’s ingrained in us that the holidays are a time to celebrate with family. But after the death of a loved one, the holidays can become unbearable, especially if the unexpected death was caused by the wrongdoing of someone else. The empty chair at the Thanksgiving table can serve as a painful reminder of your loss.

Brad Parker says that in his profession, he’s often encountering people while they are going through the darkest time in their lives. In the case of wrongful death, clients are grief-stricken while trying to navigate the complicated legal process.

“As in any situation, I try to establish a trusting relationship. I talk, listen and let them get to know me. I present them with the facts and let them know what their options are,” he says.

Holidays will never be the same following the death of a loved one, but there are ways to help families cope and again enjoy time together while also honoring and remembering those who have passed.

Five Ways to Cope During The Holidays

1. Incorporate the Memory of Your Loved One

Your loved one will always be present in your mind and heart. To feel the connection you shared with the family member who has passed, consider lighting a special candle, sharing stories about your loved one or looking through photo albums.

2. Decide Which Holiday Traditions are Worth Keeping

If you do continue with holiday family gatherings, maybe it’s time to reevaluate what traditions are most important to you. There’s no rule you have to do things the way you have in the past. If you usually went to the deceased’s house for holiday dinner, this year you may decide to go someplace different. Maybe another family member can make a favorite dish rather than making the dish the lost family member always provided.

3. Say Yes to Holiday Invites

Being with people whose company you enjoy can elevate your mood. Holidays are a time full of parties and get-togethers, and getting out of your daily routine can lift your spirit. Also allow yourself the right to decline invitations if you feel too consumed with grief.

4. Create a Grief Journal

Writing in a journal can help you process your feelings and help you externalize any emotions that are building up. You can be honest in your grief journal without hurting anyone’s feelings. Your journal will not judge you, and it can be a safe place to work through the myriad of emotions that show up. Grieving doesn’t always have to be dark. Maybe you could write about the happy memories you shared with the person you lost.

5. Channel Your Energy into Remaining Family

When you are grieving, it’s easy to forget about the people around you. While they are also in a state of grief, they are often forgotten, especially children. Children feel grief and have even less life experience to deal with the loss. Try to turn your attention to the family members that still remain.

Our thoughts and prayers are with every family dealing with grief during this holiday season. If you’re missing a loved one due to the negligence or stupidity of someone else, contact us online or call our office at 817.440.3888. We would love the opportunity to visit with you further and hear your story.

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