When you are seriously injured in a crash that wasn’t your fault, you may not think it matters if the at-fault party was driving a car or truck. After all, if the other driver was at fault, his insurance company should compensate you no matter what type of vehicle was involved. However if the other vehicle was a commercial truck, there are some unique factors to consider that an experienced truck crash attorney can help you with.

How Are Truck Crashes Different?

Because semi-trucks are bigger than cars, they do more damage in crashes, but that’s not the only reason these kinds of crashes should be handled by a law firm with the right kind of experience. Here are some other factors that can play a role in your recovery:

tragic commercial truck accident

Truck crashes cause catastrophic injuries

Due to the size and weight of a commercial semi-truck, the injuries suffered by occupants of passenger cars can be devastating. Traumatic brain injury, paralysis, amputations and death are common outcomes of collisions with trucks. These kinds of injuries will require extensive medical treatment and years of continuing therapy and rehabilitation.

There may be multiple liable parties

Because a trucker is performing job duties when driving, his employer may be partially liable if there’s a crash. If the driver was unqualified or under stress, or the truck was poorly maintained or loaded, the trucking company could be held accountable for the crash, as well as the driver. Any third parties that may have been involved in repairing or loading the truck could also share blame for a crash.

Large insurance policies are involved

While the driver of a passenger car may only carry the state’s minimum insurance coverage and, therefore, only be able to compensate you for up to $30,000, a trucker and his employer may be insured for millions of dollars, increasing the available compensation.

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