Before sunrise on Thursday morning (April 12), a wreck involving an 18-wheeler and several other vehicles caused the southbound side of I-35W to shut down. One person was pronounced dead at the scene, and six other people were treated for minor injuries and released.

Several Cars and 18-Wheeler Involved in Crash

Traffic backed up for miles during the morning rush hour. Going into the lunch hour, the 18-wheeler and several of the cars involved in the crash were still at the scene. Officials said it would probably be several more hours before the roadway was cleared and the highway reopened. Fort Worth police reported that many drivers were going the wrong way on a southbound access road to avoid congestion.

The semi, owned by Lisanti Foodservice of Texas, wound up overturned on top of several cars. One of the accident victims on the scene says he may know how the crash started.

In a CBS interview, Jacob Jehring said, “I believed I got swiped. I wasn’t even sure from what side, just knocked me a little senseless.” Jehring also said the impact turned his vehicle around, which made him face oncoming traffic. “I tried to start my car and saw vehicles already coming. I was hoping my lights and hazards would be on… that they’d be able to see that. After I tried starting it to no avail, I just immediately moved to the side of the road.”

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