Seven Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

The legal process can be complicated and overwhelming for those that are not too familiar with injury claims. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can provide you with the guidance and support you need throughout the entire claim process. To help you make that decision with confidence, here are the seven benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer.

  1. They Can Improve Your Odds.

If you’ve suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone else, you have the right to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other injury-related expenses. Instead of trying to deal with the stress, paperwork, and legal system on your own as you recover, it’s in your best interest to consult a personal injury lawyer. Research shows that injury victims generally receive higher compensation when they have legal representation.

  1. They Can Negotiate the Settlement Agreements.

One of the great benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney is that they can help negotiate settlement agreements. A personal injury lawyer prepares all the details for the settlement demand, and they will talk to the other party’s representative and negotiate for a settlement. Your lawyer will gather evidence to prove you are not the one at fault in the case. A personal injury lawyer can help you file a settlement claim, and the process will faster and easier than if you do it yourself.

  1. They Have Experience with Similar Claims.

Without a personal injury lawyer’s expertise, it may be hard to determine the value of your claim. While online calculators can give you an estimate, this is not an accurate measure of your claim. Getting the highest settlement, you deserve involves understanding how insurance companies operate and analyzing your injuries and pain and suffering to negotiate on your behalf. Hiring a personal injury lawyer allows you to benefit from their knowledge and experience with similar claims to achieve the best settlement for you.

  1. They Can Represent You in Court.

Lawyers are your legal representatives and can represent and go to trial for you. Some people may not be aware that in most cases, personal injury claims don’t end in court. If an insurance claim is denied, a court trial would be possible. Having a personal injury lawyer with you can help you handle these lawsuits.

The seven benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer

  1. They Can Help You Get Medical Attention. 

At Parker Law Firm, we assume your healthcare providers are the experts on your recovery from injuries. If our clients feel like their healthcare provider is not helpful, we can provide direction on seeking second opinions or different approaches to treatment. We can help the client find ways to get the treatment they need even when there is no health insurance or inadequate insurance. Our primary focus is making sure our clients get the treatment they need for their accident-related injuries.

  1. They Can Help You with Insurance. 

Insurance companies have lawyers that minimize the amount of the claim they give. You need a skilled personal injury lawyer to advocate for your rights and to help you settle your insurance claim.

  1. They Give You Peace of Mind. 

This may be the most important reason you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Accidents commonly bring about trauma, stress, and emotional exhaustion. But they don’t have to. Your personal injury lawyer can address the confusing legal processes that accompany injury claims. When you receive the compensation you deserve, you can put much of it towards mental and physical recovery.

Reasons You May Not Need a Lawyer

  • There was only minor property damage because of the accident
  • You didn’t sustain any injuries, or your injuries were extremely minor
  • There was no immediate medical care provided and no future medical care is anticipated
  • No more than a few days of work were missed
  • The potential recovery for a claim is so small it doesn’t justify hiring a lawyer

If any of the above bullet points sound similar to a situation you are in after an accident, you may not need the assistance of a lawyer. Brad wrote a book on this exact topic to help people like you settle their claim on their own, without having to pay a lawyer their fees. Download the book for free here!

In Texas you have two years from the date of the accident in which to file a lawsuit. This is different from the period to file a claim. You can begin negotiations and fully file your claim with the insurance company, but if the two-year period from the date of the accident passes without an actual lawsuit having been filed you will lose all legal rights you have involved in the claim regardless of whether you’ve been negotiating with the insurance company or not.

As a rule of thumb, the more serious the injury, the more complex the case, and the more beneficial a personal injury lawyer will be for you. If you’re skeptical, trusted referrals can help you find a reputable, accomplished lawyer to give you peace of mind that you’re making a smart decision with your case.

If you’ve been in an accident due to the negligence of someone, Parker Law Firm’s experienced personal injury lawyers are here to help. Contact us to speak with someone about your incident and learn how Parker Law Firm can help you.