The Complexity of the Claim Process:

The number one thing that people are surprised at is how complicated these cases can be. Many people believe that if you get hurt, there is insurance out there and the insurance company is going to take care of you. That is a big misconception. Insurance companies are in business to make money for their shareholders and businesses do not make money by paying claims. If an insurance company can minimize or even avoid paying a claim they are in essence making money. Not only do the insurance companies search for ways to avoid paying a claim, there are third parties that want a part of any recovery made. Doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies are but some of the third parties that may have liens, subrogation interests and contractual rights to a portion or all of any recovery obtained from an insurance company.

All too often people will decide to try and go it alone in filing their claims only to discover several months later that they are no closer to resolving the matter than when they started. The delay in hiring a lawyer will often times cause issues in recovering evidence, locating witnesses, and in processing the claim itself. Personal Injury claims are much more complicated than most people think and therefore hiring a competent, board certified lawyer sooner rather than later is usually always advisable.

Personal Injury Lawyers are Sleazy:

There is also a misconception about personal injury lawyers in general – that they are slimy, disingenuous, or untrustworthy. Unfortunately, these misconceptions are often fostered by TV advertisers with people screaming their alleged qualifications and to hire them, or by cheesy ambulance chasing stereotypes that are seen on some billboards.

Of course those types of lawyers do exist, but that is not what we are about at Parker Law Firm. You will not see us screaming on TV. You will not even see us on TV. Our clients overwhelmingly come to us through referrals from former clients and other attorneys. A referral from a former client or another attorney is considered as one of the highest compliments that we can receive. Referrals are based on trust and respect and we absolutely honor that. When we meet with potential clients they are immediately impressed by the level of professionalism and caring that our firm exhibits. At Parker Law Firm, our clients are not just another number. Rather they are a real person with a real and unique problem. At Parker Law Firm, People Matter and we strive to make each and every client feel as though they are a part of our family. We strive to make certain that they feel that way every step of the process. We like to believe that after the very first visit, we have begun to change the perception of personal injury attorneys and specifically those at Parker Law Firm.

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