Evidence is extremely important. Oftentimes, there are questions about who did what and when. So many times, especially in the more horrific and serious injury cases, the person who has been injured may not remember, or heaven forbid, may have been killed as a result of the injuries. This results in numerous questions as to exactly what happened. It may be that the only person who can tell us what happened is the person you are suing. So, it is vitally important, and especially in the more serious injury cases, that an attorney board certified in personal injury trial law be hired sooner rather than later. The sooner you hire a board certified attorney the sooner that evidence can be gathered.

The types of evidence that may need to be obtained quickly include skid marks; gouge marks on the pavement; testing of materials; inspections of the vehicles involved; the retention of expert and taking of witness statements. Witnesses move and often time feel less compelled to assist with the passage of time. Thus the importance of speaking to them as soon as possible. The more significant the event, the more likely that the insurance companies will be on the scene almost immediately. Therefore, it is very important to secure both the evidence and get witness statements as soon as possible before anything changes or the evidence is destroyed either on purpose or by accident. Having a car repaired before it can be inspected can destroy evidence and eliminate clues as to what happened. Securing evidence and preserving it as soon as possible is often times extremely important.

Is Your Personal Injury Claim Doomed If There Are No Witnesses Or Evidence?

Not necessarily. There are occasions when theories can be developed in other ways. However, when there is no evidence or witnesses it can make the claim much more susceptible to being minimized or even defeated. Each case presents its own unique set of circumstances and it is on a case by case basis as to what the effect of not having evidence or late developed evidence will have overall. The bottom line is that it is much easier to gather evidence when it is fresh than after several months. By hiring a competent and board certified personal injury lawyer early in the process, the gathering of evidence in the claim can be maximized.

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