Oftentimes, people come to Parker Law Firm after they have been seriously injured in a car or trucking accident. Most times, it is something that could have been prevented if the right safety precautions were taken before getting on, and while driving on, our roads. We’ve invited Bedford Police Chief, Jeff Gibson, to talk about how our community can stay safe on the roads this summer.

In an effort to promote traffic safety, the Bedford Police Department would like to share the following tips to ensure the members of our community have a fun and safe summer.

Traffic safety begins with your vehicle and its running condition. Routine maintenance on your vehicle will keep your engine running and make you less likely to be broken down on the side of the road. Also, frequent inspections of tire pressure and tread quality is extremely important to a vehicle being able to maintain control on the roadway. Be sure to check the recommended tire pressure and avoid under inflation or over inflation.

After you have confirmed your vehicle is safe to be on the roadway, always take notice of the current roadway conditions. It should not be a shock to anyone that there are roadway construction zones frequently in our community. While traveling through a construction zone watch out for reduced speed limits, lane and shoulder adjustments, construction vehicles, and most importantly those great people working on that roadway. It is also important to monitor the condition of the roadway during and after any weather events. When we experience rainfall like we have this spring, the roadways become slick and the water running across the roadway interferes with your tire traction. Therefore, traveling at speeds suitable for the road condition would be your safest option. If you are traveling through a lower lying area with standing or running water across the roadway, please remember to turn around and don’t drown!

Your personal safety is also extremely important to all of us. The seat belt was installed in vehicles for the purpose of saving lives in the event you are involved in a crash. However, a seat belt is incapable of working if you or your passengers do not wear it. Child safety seats are also meant to be used and we recommend that you please refer to the manufacturers recommendations for age, height and weight restrictions, in order to make sure your child is in the proper seat as they grow.

If there is one thing that we could ask of our community it would be to please avoid using a cell phone or any other handheld devices while operating a vehicle. Distracted driving crashes have rapidly become a leading contributing factor in motor vehicle crashes. It produces a danger to the operator of the vehicle and all the other people around them.

During the summertime more people are traveling our roadways to attend enjoyable, relaxing events or vacations and more of our children are out playing as much as they can before the next school year starts. Please make an assertive effort to pay attention to these, and other roadway safety tips, in order for our community to have the best summer we can.

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