The criminal investigation into a Dallas/Fort Worth daycare owner who allegedly tied up toddlers and babies, dosed them with Tylenol, and left them in a dark closet for most of the day might as well be ripped from a parent’s worst nightmare.

When a caregiver hurts a young child, the parents may have legal recourse in some situations.

Help! My child Was Hurt at Daycare

The most common type of lawsuit that arises out of these types of situations is negligent supervision claims or neglect. These claims hinge on whether you can prove that the daycare provider, either through an act or omission, caused damage to your child.

For instance, in a previous case handled by Parker Law Firm, parents noticed their toddler struggled to walk out of the daycare facility. A doctor confirmed a foot fracture. We moved quickly to secure video footage of the day. We were able to secure a settlement that helped with the medical costs.

Preventing Injuries Before They Occur

Parents can limit the possibility of harm by thoroughly researching the facility beforehand. Here are some guidelines suggested by Parents.

  • Ask fellow parents for recommendations
  • Look for facilities with accreditation from national organizations, such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children or the National Association for Family Child Care
  • Plan at least a 30-minute visit
  • Be prepared to ask some questions, including caregiver qualifications, staff turnover, and the adult-to-child ratio
  • Look for red flags and listen to your gut if something just feels off

Be Prepared to Act

In the current situation, one parent found the daycare through the Dallas Family Protective Service, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Parents brought the situation to light after mounting a camera to their baby’s car seat. When the parents watched the video, they saw the daycare owner roughly yank their son out of the car seat and feed him an unknown substance via a syringe.

Sometimes, despite a parent’s efforts, the worst-case scenario occurs.

If you are concerned your child is being hurt at her or his daycare, contact the police immediately. Next, take the time to speak with a lawyer, who will help you understand if you have a case. Time can be critical to preserving video or photographic evidence.

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