As the weather warms, there are likely to be more motorcyclists on Dallas/Fort Worth roads, and unfortunately, that is also likely to lead to an increased risk of motorcycle accidents.

Statistics indicate to personal injury lawyers, that most motorcycle accidents are caused by failure of the motorists to see a motorcyclist or yield to a motorcyclist’s right-of-way, which can cause fatal accidents or leave the motorcyclist with severe injuries.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation wants drivers to educate themselves about respecting motorcyclists’ rights and to understand what to do in order to safely share the roadway with cyclists. The organization developed and released an iBook that provides information about motorcycle accidents and how to avoid common motorcycle accident situations.

This summer, look out for motorcycles on the road around you. You are more likely to hear them before you see them. If you’re a motorcyclist, make sure you wear a helmet and cover as much exposed skin as possible to avoid serious injury.

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