While experiencing what seems like a script from a horrifying apocalyptic movie, U.S. highways have surprisingly transformed into what looks like scenes from The Fast & the Furious. Even though most Americans drive less because of the pandemic-related stay-at-home orders, the fatality rate per mile driven increased by 14 percent when compared to last year according to the National Safety Council.

Logic would suggest that a decrease in traffic volume would lead to fewer accidents, but you’d be wrong. Traffic fatality data that was compiled recently from all 50 states confirms that speeding and reckless driving are the leading cause for the disproportionate number of crashes and fatalities.

“Speed is the No. 1 predictor of crash severity, which is why the proportion of people dying per collision is on the rise in many communities. I’ve heard that police nationwide have reported clocking speeds close to and sometimes surpassing 100 mph. Besides the obvious risk of getting a ticket, speeding can be deadly for drivers and passengers and could cause a ripple effect that could impact hospitals where they are trying to treat coronavirus patients,” Brad Parker says. “Please don’t wind up in the hospital because you did something foolish behind the wheel. Let’s give our healthcare workers a break.”

Many drivers fail to understand that as your speed increases, so do the chances that you will be seriously injured or killed in a crash. Why? A driver needs at least one second to react. The faster you drive, the farther your car will continue to travel before it can stop. And, the faster you drive, the greater the amount of mechanical (kinetic) energy that must be absorbed by the impact.

This means you’re more likely to be killed or seriously injured.

The National Safety Council has also reported that while the number of miles driven dropped 18.6 percent in March compared with the same month last year, the death rate per 100 million vehicle miles driven was 1.22 in March, up from 1.07 in March 2019.

“The costs for speeding are great. In addition to the possibility of serious injury or death, speeding can lead to suspension of license, hefty fines and court costs and higher auto insurance rates. It’s best to be smart and abide by the speed limit,” Brad says.

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