After a life-altering accident, there are often questions about who did what and exactly how events transpired. In instances where someone has been seriously injured, they may not remember. It’s never ideal to have to rely solely on the account from the person who caused the accident. Pertinent evidence and eyewitness testimony are crucial in proving fault in a personal injury case, but hunting that down can require a lot of legwork especially if you are in the process of undergoing significant medical attention. Brad Parker says, “It’s important to know what you’re looking for, and that’s what we do. While every case we handle is unique, many of the elements as far as evidence and witness statements arise in most cases.”

Common Types of Reliable Evidence Following A Truck or Car Accident

Photographic and video evidence are valuable in proving the details surrounding an accident. If you’re physically able, photograph the damage to the vehicles following crash, the position they are in on the road, any skid or gouge marks, and the road conditions.

Brad says, “Depending on the severity of the crash, the police may or may not come out. Whatever you do —if you are able — get the name, a picture of the other driver’s insurance card, license plate number and even a photo of the driver. We’ve run into a few cases where the at-fault driver claims it wasn’t them behind the wheel and that someone else had borrowed and was driving their car.”

Video evidence is so effective because it can capture the accident in real-time. Dashcams, security camera footage and even personal video recordings from witnesses could be enough to get the intended result in a case.

Don’t forget to document everything. Not only does this ensure that you’re staying organized on the road to recovery, but it also accurately documents your injuries and the treatment plan medical professionals have prescribed for you.

Witness Wishlist

There are two types of witness in a personal injury case. The first type is an eyewitness, who are people who were at the scene when your accident occurred. Another type of witness utilized in a personal injury case is an expert witness. These are hired professionals with special knowledge that will help clarify the facts of your case to a jury, such as a medical expert.

Witness testimony could be absolutely vital to your claim because if their account matches what you say happened, it makes the case more reliable and believable. That’s why it is so important that you obtain contact information from people who witnessed your accident.

Brad says, “Time is of the essence. As time goes by, witnesses may move, memories fade or get fuzzy, and they may feel less compelled to assist.”

In some instances, a witness to an accident may not want to come forward to testify or make a statement. “We can always compel them through the use of a subpoena. That assumes that the client collected their information at the scene,” Brad says.

For more information on what to do right after an accident, we’ve put together this animation video on dos and don’ts when it comes to car accidents. It highlights the step-by-step process you should take if you’ve been involved in a serious car accident.

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