I have lived in the same house for the last 26 years.

As you might expect, there are areas of the house that need to be updated. One of those little projects has been the backyard and swimming pool area. After a quarter of a century, Stacie convinced me it was time to renovate.

This small project started in March by contacting various contractors and getting bids. To make a very long story short, we finally completed the project the weekend before Thanksgiving. It turned out very nice, and I can now watch football outside – just in time for the end of the season and cold weather.

The entire process of dealing with contractors was a real eye-opener.

With a half-dozen contractors involved, I experienced the entire spectrum of craftsmanship and customer relations. It was absolutely shocking to see the lack of pride that one of the contractors had in their work. It was equally shocking to see how they responded to problems. On the other hand, it was amazing and delightful to work with one of the other contractors. They did the work professionally, timely and just as they said they would.

One of the things that I try very hard to make certain at Parker Law Firm is that we provide absolutely the very best client experience possible. Going through the litigation process is difficult and time-consuming. It often seems that the entire process is bogged down and going nowhere.

We understand that this can be frustrating and confusing, and therefore we strive to make certain that every phone call is returned timely, every question answered completely and that you never feel as if you’re just a number. Every person in the firm genuinely loves what they do. This is not a job, this is our calling and we will go out of our way to do whatever is needed to make certain that your experience with Parker Law Firm is exceptional.

That said, if you ever feel that you are getting anything other than 100-percent, class-A service, tell me.

I will personally make sure that your concerns are addressed and any issues rectified. For now, I hope that you and your family have a very nice holiday season. I am going to make my family sit with me outside and watch football. LOL.

Until Next Time,


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